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About Us

McKibbon Jewelers has been a part of the jewelry industry for 43 years.  Jacque Egnatic, the owner and bench jeweler at McKibbon Jewelers, began her apprenticeship under the watchful eye of her father, John Beasely.  John (Jack) Beasley was a well known and very respected jeweler in Kansas City. John specialized in diamond setting, and became very good at his profession.  When Jacque turned 16 she was hired by John to do the polishing work, which is generally the first step in learning about jewelry repair.  As John always said, "No matter how good the bench jewelers work may be, it won't look good if the finishing process is below par."  Jacque was a polisher for four years before she moved to the bench to begin to learn all of the phases of jewelry repair, design, and manufacturing.  Jacque has owned and operated McKibbon Jewelers for 19 years, she gets to know her customers and what they are looking for when it comes to having their jewelry repaired, or designed.


There are many jewelers in the area, but there aren't as many bench jewelers.  What is a bench jeweler?  A bench jeweler is someone who actually performs the repair, design, or manufacturing and finishing of fine jewelry.  Since they sit at a jeweler's bench when doing the work, they are referred to as bench jeweler.  Bench jewelers do ring sizing and repair, chain repair, prong rebuild, remounts, setting and stone replacement, shank replacement, modifications of existing mountings, arthritic shanks, custom design and casting, and finishing work.   

McKibbon Jewelers offers the same services that the large, box retail jewelry stores offer, but at more reasonable prices.  There are not many BENCH jewelers in the Kansas City area that have been in business as long as Jacque.  She has done contract work for several area retail jewelry stores over the years, so chances are, she may have already worked on something that you own, but you didn't know it!  She pays very close attention to detail, and she is someone that you can trust.  With a few exceptions, once a repair is taken in it never leaves her store.  Jacque does all of her own bench work on the premises, and most repairs are ready within 24-48 hours. 

McKibbon Jewelers is located in Bonner Springs Kansas.  

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